Terry and Miriam Fussell

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About the Performers

Terry Fussell is a Pensacola local that has been in the area most of his life. He was blessed with a large and close family, most of whom reside in the Pensacola area as well!

After obtaining his Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Science from Troy State University, he began his 30+ year journey in the IT industry. Terry steered his course back to our beautiful community as he worked state and federal government positions and contracts. Then eight years ago, he joined the prestigious ranks of Navy Federal. Here he serves as a Senior Manager in the Core Banking services area of the PEDS division, working on strategic IT modernization projects. 🖥️⌨️

Fourteen years ago, Terry’s world was flipped on its axis with his eyes and his heart opened to his dearest love and wife, Miriam. She introduced him to a newfound love of traveling abroad, which he now eagerly looks forward! Terry and Miriam’s international adventures have taken them to Peru, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, and Sweden. Domestically, he loves the wine country—Sonoma and Napa—as well as various skiing areas in Colorado and Montana. Terry’s most favorite ski destination, by far, is Big Sky Montana! The scenery and the skiing has him avidly wanting to go back for more! 🌎🍷🎿

Terry is a natural athlete with an affinity to playing most sports. However, he is most excited with his recent offshore fishing boat purchase! You can find him joyfully cooking his freshly caught fish of the day, any and every day! 🎣

The greatest catch of Terry’s life is his loving wife, Miriam, who is his most important person. He admires and adores her ability to get him out of his comfort zone to try new activities—like Life’s A Dance!!! 🌟🌟 NEVER would he have thought of taking a feat like this on. Yet with Miriam by his side, he knows and feels anything is possible! 🕺🏼

Terry is over the moon with his new granddaughter, Amelia Rose, and cannot wait to spoil her throughout her life! 🌙💗

Miriam Breeden Fussell was born in Peru, but raised across the globe! She traveled throughout the countries in Central & South America, visited various European countries—including all the Scandinavian countries—and lived in Sweden for many years. She was truly blessed to have learned and experienced so many other cultures. Travel was instilled within Miriam at a very early age. 🌏🌎

In 1994, Miriam moved to the southeastern region of the United States of America. Upon arrival in the Pensacola area, she immediately fell in love! And just like that, she found her HOME! 🏡

As a hard working realtor and investor, her exceptional customer service and reputation of going above and beyond her client’s needs precedes her, as does her vivacious personality, strong work ethic, and esteemed education. All of which equate to the perfect combination for her success! 💫

While Miriam studied at The University of South Alabama and has a background in both marketing and medical coding, she found success and passion as a licensed realtor. In this profession she is committed and dedicated to serving her surrounding beautiful communities, truly devoted to finding the perfect buyer for a home, and the perfect home for a buyer. Helping dreams come true! 🔑

Miriam’s days are filled with house showings, meetings with clients, and working with the international charity she founded that is dedicated to supporting the children in Peru. After feeding her soul, she makes sure to fuel her body with healthy food and energize it with exercise so that she can continue with her days work for decades to come!

Miriam is a proud mother for her daughter, Mayte, a loving grandmother of her sweet, Amelia Rose, and an incredibly grateful soulmate to her loving and supportive husband, Terry. ♥️♥️

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