Shawn and Amy Brown

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About the Performers

Amy was born in Ohio, but her family set sail for warmer weather nearly 40 years ago, casting their anchor in the Pensacola area. After graduating college, she created two successful children’s clothing companies, where she developed a skill set in sales. She is a proud Mom to her daughter Kenzie, a recent Cum Laude college graduate of South Alabama.

Shawn was born & raised in Pensacola and comes from a large, loving family. It was in this large family environment that Shawn learned his strong work ethics from his father, who has worked side-by-side with him in his many endeavors. Today Shawn oversees the day to day operations of TEL Staffing and HR.

Amy & Shawn have been married for 8 incredible years! They work hand in hand at TEL—Shawn is the COO and Amy is a top performing account manager. They both enjoy giving back to the many and various local organizations that TEL supports ♥️

Amy was a founding member of Mystic Mafia, which has been a part of Amy & Shawn’s life for many years. They even initially met while building the first float back in 2007! To Amy’s surprise, their engagement happened in the middle of Palafox Street during the Fiesta parade in 2014!! 💍🤍

Amy & Shawn enjoy traveling with family and friends and also share a love of cooking. They have even co-authored a cookbook 👩‍🍳🧑‍🍳Together they are passionate about working out and staying fit, which they are planning to use to their advantage on stage!

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