Pensacola Star and dancer Michelle Salzman

Representative Michelle Salzman

Thank you for donating to help Representative Michelle Salzman raise funds for Junior Achievement of NWFL.

About the Performer

This woman truly needs no introduction! She is a fierce force to be reckoned with and commands any and every platform she speaks from. She is heavily involved in our great Pensacola community and has been helping a wide range of causes for well over a decade.  

She is an Army Veteran (Hooah!), a graduate of UWF and has served on numerous boards, including Junior Achievement. She has been recognized over the years by various local publications, including InWeekly, where she’s been named Volunteer of the Year (several times!!), and has also been featured on the Power List. 

Furthermore, she has led advocacy efforts and now occupies the Florida House District 1 Representative seat in Tallahassee. She works hard to advocate for all her constituents and the vast interests of this great Sunshine State.

She recently created and is leading the effort for the Mental Health Task Force of Northwest Florida. In doing so, she is bringing together organizations in Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Homelessness, Rehabilitation, and more, with stakeholders, nonprofits, and government organizations from across the Panhandle and the State in order to help foster communication and cooperation. In this collaborative effort, they are finding ways to work together intelligently, share data, and produce effective results to help the crisis we are facing as a state and country with mental health.

Her passions for philanthropy and change are focused primarily with children, veteran affairs, and economic opportunities and workforce development for the residents of our area. In short, she adores her incredible community and pours her love into it daily with all that she does!