Pensacola Star and dancer Kristie Tobias

Kristie Tobias

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About the Performer

She has shared her struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for over a decade in hopes to empower others that they have and deserve a voice. She developed her company, Fearless Existence, LLC, as a way to support and walk alongside those who do not always feel as if their voices have been heard.

As an innovative and dynamic change management consultant and national speaker, with nearly 20-years of consulting and leadership experience, she uses her platform to inspire change in thousands of employees and leaders. As a national speaker and author, She developed her brand centered around change leadership and mentorship, releasing her first book “Fearlessly Made You”, which is the inspiration for the “Fearlessly Made You” podcast and streaming series (stream wherever you listen to your podcasts!).

When she is not inspiring others with her quick wit, charm, and engaging attitude, she sits on the board for several non-profit organizations here in Pensacola, Florida. She is a speaker and business advisor for the Studer Community Institute, a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, an avid cycler at Ride Society, and mother to her sweet dog Cooper.