Heather Flowers and Bambi Sellars

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About the Performers

Heather is the successful and talented owner/head chef of Vibrant Chefs, a plant-based personal chef business 🌱💚

A Pensacola native, a wife, a mom of two teenage boys, a college graduate, a national board certified wound/ostomy nurse, and certified personal plant-based chef, Heather is the wearer of many amazing hats!

In 2019, she developed a personal interest in cooking and eating a plant-centered diet. This interest in culinary medicine evolved into her life’s purpose. Science demonstrates that food IS medicine. Heather discovered that her future role of a plant certified chef would be critical to improving the healthcare system.

In 2022, Heather combined her professional education and interests of nursing and helping those already sick in conjunction with illness prevention through nutritional plant-based cuisine. After graduating from Rouxbe’s Culinary Program, Heather became a Certified Plant-based Professional. Her focus is on improving people’s lives and assisting her clients through proper nutrition and quality ingredients that equate to create and delicious plant-based dishes!

Bambi Sellars is Heather’s partner both on the Life’s A Dance stage and on the dance floor of life!

Born in Robertsdale, AL, Bambi has called Florida her home for the last 20 sunny years. However, prior to naming the Sunshine State her home, she graduated from Troy University with a Bachelors of Science in Sports & Fitness Management as a student-athlete. Excelling as an elite collegiate softball player, Bambi collected a treasure trove of accolades and awards! Highest on-base percentage, highest slugging percentage, All-Team…do you have all day??? The awards and the acclaims continue!!

With a prestigious and successful background in elite team sports, Bambi established the perfect segue into a career of service for her beloved community with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. Her love to serve others and to give back to our incredible community is seen daily in her acts of service and kindness over the past 6 years with the ECSO. You might have even seen her in the beginning of October changing a fellow citizen’s tire to get them safely back on the road!

This kindhearted, public servant furthers her passion of health and fitness as co-owner of Vibrant Chefs with her wife, Heather. Together, their mission is to serve their clients in achieving their health goals and bettering their overall livelihood.

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